: Shall consist of persons actively engaged as an examiner, analyst, practitioner or supervisor in the forensic sciences. Active members shall not lose their status because of retirement or change of position, so long as they remain members of the Division. Active members may hold office and shall be entitled to one (1) vote with respect to each matter presented to the membership of the Division for a vote. Active membership dues shall be $15.00 per annum.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: Shall consists of all reputable persons fully or partially engaged in any of the various phases of the science of Forensic Identification and investigation, who are not qualified for Active Membership. Such members shall, in all respects, be subject to the same rules, fees, privileges, and charges as Active Members, except and they shall not be eligible to vote or hold office. Associate membership dues shall be $15.00 per annum.

STUDENT MEMBERSHIP: Available to full-time college students at an accredited college with a major in a forensic science related or law enforcement field. Such members shall, in all respects be subject to the same rules as Active Members and shall not be entitled to the election of a position on the Board of Directors and shall not be entitled to vote. In order to be considered for student membership, applicants must include a letter or transcript from their educational institution setting the number of credits currently being taken. The words “full-time student” will not suffice. Student membership dues shall be $15.00 per annum.

SUSTAINING MEMBERSHIP: Active or Associate member of the Division who pays a one-time, non-refundable sum of money equal to ten (10) times the yearly amount.

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