ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP: Shall consist of the heads of Bureaus of Identification or Investigation (including persons under their supervision who are engaged in the science of identification), heads of Police Departments, Chief of Detectives and Sheriffs, provided, however, that the foregoing persons are bona fide employees of and receive salaries from National, State, County or Municipal governments, or some subdivision thereof, or who are active members of the parent association. Active membership dues shall be $15.00 per annum.


ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: All reputable persons wholly or partially engaged in any of the various phases of identification by scientific or investigative means, who are not qualified for active membership. Associate membership dues shall be $15.00 per annum.


SUSTAINING MEMBERSHIP: Active or Associate member of the Division who pays a one time, non refundable sum of money equal to ten (10) times the yearly amount.

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Kansas Division
International Association for Identification